About                 DANA M MARKS

Dana Marks (born 1989) is a Milwaukee-based artist who uses photography to explore ideas of time, place, identity, and memory. By utilizing an analog and digital photographic workflow, she is able to create images that maintain a subtle, timeless aesthetic while exploring line, form, and physical space. She often employs minimalist design, finding quirks and beauty in the mundane. Though influenced by minimalism, Marks also likes exploring surrealism, using digital tools to alter her subjects. Inspired by photographers form the early 20th century, she began photographing in her teens, taking her first photography lessons in an after-school program in high school. In 2016 she earned her BFA in photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and has since exhibited her work both locally and nationally.


To inquire about commissions or to purchase prints, please contact her via email (found in the Contact section) for pricing and availability.